Zines by Jackie

Fall 2020 · Online shop / Curriculum writing / Comics

Zines by Jackie is an hub for zines, activities, and resources about technology, art, design, and more.

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Inspired by the positive reception of my Making a Website Zine, Zines by Jackie is my effort to create a larger series of socially-centered resources about technology - across printed comics, interactive activities, and other low-barrier, engaging formats.



The Zines by Jackie website (custom built by yours truly as an integration of Gridsome.js, Contentful, and Paypal) functions as an online shop to purchase digital and physical, Risograph-printed zines.

the zines by jackie homepage

It also acts as a center for interactive resources - such as an Build an Under Construction Mini Site tutorial to expand on the process of building a personal website with tangible next-steps to explore HTML and CSS from the lens of '90s web design.

Build an Under Construction Mini Site

Combining what I've learned across the tech, design, and art worlds, Zines by Jackie is my personal response to seeing a need for more holistic, socially-centered ways of learning about, and with, technology. My plan is to grow this ongoing project with new zines and resources in the upcoming months.

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