hello i'm jackie!!!

i tend to make a lot of things on (or related to) the internet, websites, and technology–sometimes this means being an artist, a digital product designer, a web programmer, an educator, and a comic artist.

currently, i am the Founding Product Designer at schoolhouse.world, a small education-related startup and nonprofit founded by Sal Khan. previously, i've done product design at Codecademy and Girls Who Code, and studied computer science at MIT.

as an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and technologist, i'm interested in what new things emerge when we bridge disciplines. i'm particularly excited to use art and design to intervene and shape technology culture for the better - to get us to dream, to self-reflect, and to carve out more paths forward, all in a playful and whimsical manner.

i'm always excited to make new connections, do artistic collaborations, or have a coffee or bubble tea (in a post-covid world). don't be afraid to get in touch!

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  • Tech for Social Good Day, "Dark/Net/Art: an Introduction to Self-Publishing with Tor" · workshop w/ Cezar Mocan · February 2020
  • BUFU WYFY School, "Website Design as Personal Storytelling" · workshop · August 2019


  • AniMIThon Winner, backspace · animated film · May 2018
  • MIT Anthropology James Howe Prize, "Clashing Colors, Blinking Backgrounds, Under-Construction Signs: GeoCities’ Aesthetic Legacy and the Future of Web Culture" · essay · May 2018