Girls Who Code - Illustration

fall 2017 - spring 2018 · Graphic design / illustration

Freelance Illustration

After my internship with Girls Who Code in summer 2017, I continued working with them as a freelance designer/illustrator! I had a chance to explore work outside of, but tangential to product design, focusing more on illustration, concept art, and even a bit of print design. When I illustrated for Girls Who Code, I focused on channeling their values of diversity and girl's empowerment in a playful, accessible style.

Curriculum illustrations

I created 90+ illustrations for HQ, the learning platform that supports Girls Who Code's Club, Summer Immersion, and Campus Programs. These graphics often represented concepts from computer programming, upcoming projects, or the processes of working in a team.


Here are a couple of my favorites!

gwc-illustrations-1 gwc-illustrations-2 gwc-illustrations-3

Learning Platform Avatars

A smaller project I worked on was to design a set of avatars for use on the Girls Who Code learning platform.

My challenge was in illustrating an inclusive, yet scalable set icons that can represent the personalities of young learners.

Concept Art

In late 2017, I also helped created concept art to help propose new Girls Who Code programs outside of their Clubs and Summer Immersion programs.

full)full)full-gwc-weekend full-gwc-corps full-gwc-summit

I designed a companion booklet to Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World, which includes vocabulary, activities, and questions that correspond to each section in the book.

I was responsible for building off of the book's existing artwork and style to create a booklet that could be printed and used by educators/club facilitators.